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Radio 3's featured artist: Whitney Rose

Louise Burns

Radio 3’s featured artist this week is Charlottetown P.E.I’s Whitney Rose, a singer-songwriter currently based in Austin, Texas who has been making waves with her vintage-inspired country pop. Whitney Rose is no stranger to the alt-country universe, already having two critically acclaimed records under her belt, but here we see her shape her muse into something new.

Following up 2015’s critically acclaimed Heartbreaker of the Year, Rose will release a brand new EP titled South Texas Suite in 2017. It is a tribute to her newly adopted hometown, and it swings and sways with the same swagger found in dance halls and country clubs across the Lone Star State. Rose relocated to Texas last year after a well-received, two-month residency at The Continental Club and her latest effort is seeped in its musical traditions.

“When I moved here I started writing non-stop, and a lot of what I was writing was Texas-influenced.” Rose tells Radio 3 via email. “I really wanted to record those tunes in the place that inspired them.”

It was also her first time in the producer’s seat.

“It was really cool for me to be so hands-on because in all of my other recording experiences I've handed over the producer role. The recording process was very collaborative. Most of the band members gave their input and having their collective years of recording experience there in the studio with me was so damn cool.”

Those band members — guitarist Redd Volkaert (Merle Haggard), pianist Earle Poole Ball (Wanda Jackson, Phil Ochs) and bassist Kevin Smith (Willie Nelson) — are all legendary country talents, and their sound, alongside Rose's crystalline vocals, are what give the release its timeless quality. The EP also features two covers by Austin based singer-songwriters Brennen Leigh and Teri Joyce.

“I didn't choose those songs because they're written by women but I would be lying if I said I didn't very much enjoy the fact that every song on the EP is composed by a woman.”

South Texas Suite is out January 27th on Six Shooter Records. Watch a mini documentary featuring clips of new songs below.