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Orchestral Tales

Editorial Staff

Orchestral Tales is the third season of Paolo Pietropaolo's award-winning Signature Series.

On the previous seasons of The Signature Series, you met personalities based on the major and minor key signatures; on Orchestral Tales, you’ll meet vivid characters inspired by the instruments of the orchestra, presented with Pietropaolo's trademark combination of storytelling and classical music mash-ups.

Instead of zodiac-like personality profiles, on Orchestral Tales, you’ll hear fully developed stories — original flash fiction. The instruments of the orchestra, brought to life.

Listen to Pietropaolo's Orchestral Tales below:

Episode 1: The Flute's Tale

Episode 2: The Trumpet's Tale

Episode 3: The Viola's Tale

Episode 4: The Clarinet's Tale

Episode 5: The Horn's Tale

Episode 6: The Oboe's Tale

Episode 7: The Trombone's Tale

Episode 8: The Cello's Tale

Episode 9: The Bassoon's Tale

Episode 10: The Violin's Tale

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