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Radio 3's featured new artist: Tim Darcy

Louise Burns

This week, Radio 3’s featured new artist is Tim Darcy. While you may recognize his voice from Montreal post punks Ought, his solo project sees his voice in a new light, in the context of whip-smart Americana influenced folk rock.

While Ought were recording their second album, 2015’s Sun Coming Down, Darcy began to work on what would become his debut album Saturday Night. His distinctive sharp delivery fronting Ought is a signature of their sound, but with Saturday Night we see Darcy expanding his range into melodic peaks and valleys, albeit rough terrain. It’s not overly heartfelt, but from a place more contemplative than his previous work.

“I wanted to write out from my centre.” he says via email. “Something was in there. Some old songs, clattering around in my brain. Some new things I needed to say. I wanted to get to know myself again. The album is about that. And love. And loss. And excess. And quietude. And peace."

Introspective songwriting, the subtle folk influences, and Darcy's signature voice make for a record that would sound right at home on the thinking person's dancefloor.

Saturday Night is out January 27th on Jagjaguwar. Watch the video for his song "Tall Glass of Water" below.