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Andy Shauf invites you to his party on this week's Backstage Pass

Jacquie Lee

Regina-based singer-songwriter Andy Shauf returned this year with his third album, The Party. The record takes you on a musical journey through a fictional party, exploring the social nuances that are felt but not often discussed; illustrating the night with musical vignettes from the perspective of the wallflower, the person feeling out a new relationship and the girl being belittled by her boyfriend.

By the end of the album, you feel like you've been taken through the soundtrack of the night, wondering where everyone is now and hoping they've all found some resolution. Vulnerable, earnest and open, this album was written, produced and entirely played by Shauf (with the exception of the strings), and features Shauf with his heart on his sleeve.

We sat down with Shauf and asked him to take us through The Party as he played tracks from it for this week's episode of CBC Music's Backstage Pass. Watch the video above for this episode (airing on CBC Television on Sunday, Jan. 22 at 4 p.m.) and the video below for last week's episode featuring Basia Bulat.