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Radio 3's featured artist: You'll Never Get To Heaven

Louise Burns

This week, our featured artist is London Ontario's You’ll Never Get To Heaven, made up of classically trained pianist/violinist Alice Hansen and producer/composer Chuck Blazevic. The duo has been slowly and quietly building a fan base over the past few years for their brand of lush, atmospheric dream pop. After releasing two full length albums they are now ready to release Images, their most accomplished work to date.

There’s an almost cult like feel to the sound of You'll Never Get to Heaven, thanks to Hansen’s honeyed, ethereal voice and Blazevic’s ability to create soundscapes that wouldn’t sound out of place as the score of a science fiction film noir.

“For each release, we typically take the core elements that define our music and combine them with new influences and perspectives to push the music into a new direction, while still remaining consistent with the underlying premise of the project, says Blazevic via email. “Namely, a haunting, ambient-inflected pop style, heavy on multi-layered bleary textures.”

Adding to their enigmatic nature is the fact that the band are entirely self-sufficient. They divide up the writing and producing duties equally, and both contribute to curating the band’s aesthetic. The only outside involvement comes from the indie labels who have put out their work in the past. Now, they have a newly inked deal with Maryland-based Yellow K Records (Japanese Breakfast, Luka).

“[Yellow K] got in touch just as we were wrapping up production, expressing interest in hearing new music,” he says. “We hit it off over a series of phone conversations and emails, seeing eye to eye on all aspects of the record, and now we’re super excited to be rolling out the release together with our new friends.”

With a new label and a new album it seems as though You’ll Never Get To Heaven might not stay mysterious for long.

“We've always been very intentional about the way we work, guided by the primary goal of recording music that reflects our shared interests,” he says. “We are working hard with Yellow K to promote this record, which may be the key element in giving that impression. We’re very excited about the positive response we’ve had so far, and the possibility of sharing our music with a wider audience.”

Images is out on March 24th on Yellow K Records

Listen to the title track below.