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5 reasons to enter Searchlight

CBC Music

If you’re thinking about entering Searchlight, our annual hunt for Canada’s next big thing in music, you probably should. This year’s grand prize is about more than just the end game, it’s about the journey to get there and the thousands of ears your music could reach along the way.

If you’re still on the fence about entering, check out the video below, or read on for the five reasons you should submit your video and song.

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1. We weren’t messing around when we compiled our industry panelists this year. These are the people who will be listening through thousands of entries and picking regional winners, along with some help from fan voting. The panel brings a wide range of real-world experience from managing, promoting, producing music, and much more. Networking is key in this industry, so get ready to schmooze up with your best song.

2. Your song will get national exposure on CBC Radio, especially in your region, and your mom or dad (or cat) could have the thrill of watching you on our televised finale special. But that’s not all: you’ll also get to play the CBC Music Festival and, in fine patriotic fashion for Canada’s 150th birthday, the four semi-finalists will perform at the National Arts Centre on Canada Day weekend in Ottawa as part of Canada Scene.

3. You get all the tools you need to launch your music career thanks to Canadian Musician Magazine. We’re talking career consultation, help with branding, album duplication, distribution and much more. We can’t fix your hairdo, though. That one’s up to you.

4. We already mentioned Canada’s big birthday, but there’s one more (huge) perk if you win Searchlight: you'll be commissioned to write a song for Canada 150 with the help of your very own celebrity mentor. Bonus points if your lyrics contain the words "maple" or "hockey."

5. You get to write that song during your insanely inspiring 10-day stay at the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity, with a celebrity mentor. A dream come true — and we’re not just talking about the beautiful view.

So what are you waiting for? We’re accepting entries until Feb. 7, and we’re excited to hear what you send our way.

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