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T..I.'s Atlanta: Hometown favourites from Outkast to Migos

Del Cowie

Grammy-winning hip-hop artist T.I. has definitely noticed the increased attention being paid to his hometown of Atlanta.

The latest examples of the focus on the city come courtesy of hip-hop group Migos, just one of Atlanta's hip-hop acts currently topping the Billboard charts, and Donald Glover's Golden Globe-winning show Atlanta. While T.I. tweeted congratulations to Glover after his Golden Globe wins, he's also taking the increased attention on his stomping ground in stride.

"All things happen in due time," says the Atlanta artist. "I don't want to say anything is overdue. I think things are supposed to happen in the time it's supposed to happen in. We may not agree with that. But I think now is just as good a time as any to take notice of what's going on here."

Given the city's increased prominence in the spotlight, T.I. took some time to talk about past and present Atlanta songs that make up his playlist.

Editor's note: Some of these songs contain strong language.

"Of course, there are a host of Migos records, including 'Bad and Boujee,'" says T.I. "All the [Young Thug] records have some sort of kinetic energy. The one record I really like off his last project is 'Harambe.'"

T.I. also does not forget the classic Atlanta music that put his city on the hip-hop map.

"You got Goodie Mob's 'Cell Therapy' and Outkast's 'Elevators,'" T.I. says. "I mean that was the soundtrack of our generation; it was the beginning of an era, you know? 'Player's Ball' — there's so many songs by the entire Dungeon Family. It's hard to choose just a couple 'cause there were so many records that were just so influential to our era."

While not by an Atlanta artist, T.I's final pick was intricately tied to the roller skating scene of his Atlanta youth, depicted in the 2005 film ATL in which he starred.

"It's one of those records you hear on the skating rink but you never really know who did it," says T.I. "Every time it comes on, you know it."