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Listen to Marvin's Room Feb. 24, from Michael Jackson to Jessie Reyez

Amanda Parris

Marvin's Room is the home of R&B on CBC. The show airs Friday 7:00 p.m on Radio 2, Sunday 8:00 p.m on Radio 1, Wednesday at 4:00 a.m and Friday at 3:00 p.m on SiriusXM.

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Listen to Marvin's Room, February 24th 2017

Marvin's Room with Amanda Parris on CBC Radio


Remember the Time

Have you ever seen the film Cleopatra starring Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton? It’s considered a Hollywood classic and was a box office hit when it was released. But the casting of a white woman to play the legendary Egyptian queen has also gone down as one of the most racist depictions in film history. However in the early ‘90’s Michael Jackson created his own vision of ancient Egypt, in a music video /short film that cost so much the studio never released the budget. It was directed by John Singleton (the young filmmaker behind Boyz in the Hood) and starred Eddie Murphy as King Magic Johnson as the head of entertainment for the royal couple and the stunningly beautiful model Iman as the Egyptian Queen. It featured some of the best choreography in music video history, incredibly elaborate costuming and Michael’s first ever on-screen kiss which was so epic It brought Iman to her knees! There was no such thing as Twitter in the early 90’s but if there was this would have definitely been trending with the hashtag #BlackExcellence. This is Michael Jackson with “Remember the Time.”

My, My, My

Earlier this year the television mini-series “The New Edition Story” premiered and no lie, my producer Pete can tell you, I didn’t talk about anything else for the next three days. It was an incredible journey into the story of one of the most famous R&B groups of all time, from the publicized drama of Bobby Brown, to the secret struggles of Ricky Bell and has had me on a nostalgic journey into everything New Edition related ever since. In one scene, the actor and R&B singer Luke James who plays Johnny Gill re-enacts his music video for the song “My, My, My.” You may recall, this was a particularly steamy video with a shirtless Johnny Gill singing about his admiration for his love and I tell you, the mini-series did it justice. It was perfection. I’ve been playing the song at least once a day since that night. Check out the original video. This is Johnny Gill with “My, My, My.” 

Shutter Island 

Have you heard Toronto’s own Jessie Reyez? Get on board now because we think she's gonna be a huge star. Here's her latest song“Shutter Island.” It is creepy and amazing and contain's our favourite lyric of the week."My straight-jacket's custom made" (Warning:contains strong language) 

Don't Play That Song

R&B music isn’t often defined as a radical genre, a genre that pushes limits and challenges people. That title is often given to rock and roll or Hip Hop, but if you know anything about the origins of R&B in Canada you know that it arrived in the most unconventional and radical way imaginable. Picture this. A man takes the stage. He sports an immaculately fitted sequined tuxedo, a freshly pressed and curled conk piled high on his head, Shoes shined so well you could see your self in them and a face adorned in eyeliner, rouge and red lipstick. This was Jackie Shane, a name you need to know if you love R&B in Canada. Jackie Shane is the man credited with bringing soul to Canada and he knew how to stop the show. It was the ‘60’s. Racism and homophobia were the norm of the day, yet here came Jackie Shane, a protégé of Little Richard he grew up in the music filled city of Nashville, Tennessee and fell in love with Montreal and Toronto. Jackie Shane had an unshakeable confidence, that made very conservative, very white and very closed off spaces forget their politics as they became groupies for the openly gay, cross-dressing Black male soul singer. The roots of R&B in Canada came from the most radical place imaginable. With a live recording from the early 60’s captured at the Saphire Tavern, on Richmond Street East, this is Jackie Shane with “Don’t Play That Song.”

The Marvin's Room R&B Stream

Explore the world of R&B, 24 hours a day 7 days a week with our new "Marvin's Room R&B" stream. Inspired by the studio where Marvin Gaye recorded much of his legendary music and by the more recent Drake song of the same name, Marvin's Room brings back the old school and introduces what's going on. Hear: Patti LaBelle, Party Next Door, Toni Braxton, Alicia Keys, Destiny's Child, Prince, Deborah Cox.

Explore the world of R&B from neo-soul to trap soul and everything in between. Inspired by the studio where Marvin Gaye recorded much of his legendary music and by the more recent Drake song of the same name, Marvin's Room brings back the old school and introduces what's going on. Hear: Patti LaBelle, Party Next Door, Toni Braxton, Alicia Keys, Destiny's Child, Prince, Usher, Deborah Cox and more!

The Playlist

Michael Jackson- Remember the Time
Ghost Down DJ’S - My Boo
PartyNextDoor - Only You
Gladys Knight and the Pips - If I Were Your Woman
Jackie Shane - Any Other Way
Desire - Kinshasa Blues
Nomadic Massive - Keep Pushin’
Johnny Gill - My, My, My
Jodeci - Come and Talk to Me
Marvin Gaye - Anger
Jessie Reyez - Shutter Island
Sade - By Your Side

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