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Radio 3's featured new artist: Chances

Louise Burns

World music can be a tricky genre. Sometimes, it’s a beautiful amalgamation of musical traditions and cultures. Other times, it can be downright gauche. Luckily, this week's featured new artist falls under the former umbrella. Montreal's Chances expertly combine electronic pop with Ojibwe and South Asian music to create their uber-modern sound.

The band began in 2016 when Chloé Lacasse and Geneviève Toupin, both accomplished solo artists in their own right, got together with drummer Vincent Carré. They shared one desire: to create globally inspired music that also reflected their own lives.

“We created Chances with a desire to colour our indie/nordic/electro-pop sound with a sense of openness to the world around us, other cultures and influences,” says Toupin via email. ”I am Metis, originally from Manitoba and have Ojibwe ancestry. Chloé and Vincent are from Quebec. So there's a meeting of different cultures and backgrounds in the band itself which we found interesting and wished to highlight.”

While the band are still putting the finishing touches on their debut album, their first single “Shine” offers the perfect introduction to their sound. Featuring elements of Indian raga music, electronic pop and Ojibwe lyrics, the result is ceremonial pop perfection.

“We found the juxtaposition of the Ojibwe lyrics overtop of the Indian raga to be interesting and liked the feeling of it,” she said. “We felt it brought an extra layer of meaning to the lyrics which evoke someone going through a difficult situation and yet still finding that inner strength, no matter what they experience and no matter where they may be.”

Listen to "Shine" below.