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Remembering Stuart McLean: musicians across Canada share their condolences

Tahiat Mahboob

CBC Radio host Stuart McLean died on Feb. 15 at the age of 68, following a battle with melanoma.

For 22 years, the award-winning humorist hosted The Vinyl Cafe, an hour-long radio show about a fictional secondhand record store that featured stories, essays and music. McLean toured the country to share his stories and invited musicians to perform in his world.

As news of McLean's passing broke, musicians who performed on The Vinyl Cafe took to social media to post their heartfelt messages.


Upon hearing the news, Whitehorse played their song "Night Owls" in tribute.

"We were blown away by his professionalism, humour and kindness. By the end of the tour we were lucky enough to call him a friend," they wrote. "We haven't played this in ages, but this was Stuart's favourite. This one's for him."


Reid Jamieson

Reid Jamieson tweeted a condolence with his song "Hey Big Kid." Jamieson wrote the song for, and about, the radio host and presented it to McLean on his 65th birthday in 2013.

Dala Girls


Dala Girls on The Vinyl Cafe:

Jim Bryson


Jim Bryson on The Vinyl Cafe:

Donovan Woods


Owen Pallett


Jenn Grant


Cuff the Duke


Great Lake Swimmers


Joel Plaskett


Harry Manx and Heather O'Neill on CBC's Daybreak

CBC Montreal's Daybreak spoke with McLean's friends, musician Harry Manx and author Heather O'Neill.

Remembering Staurt McLean on Daybreak

Heather O'Neill and Harry Manx discussing Stuart McLean on Daybreak.


Good Lovelies


Good Lovelies reminisce about Stuart McLean on CBC's q


Finally, here's a video of McLean at the finale of a Vinyl Cafe live show in Oshawa, Ont., which perfectly encapsulates the storyteller and humorist he was.

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