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Searchlight Playlist: 8 underground music acts you should hear

Kiah Welsh

This year's Searchlight entries have been impressive. From family collaborations to a cappella groups, there has been a range of outstanding entries.

In the list below, we look at eight underground music acts whose experimental sounds defy genre categories. Scroll though the list and discover great talent across the country.

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Who: Chewii
Song: "Worth the Wait"

About: Montreal's Chewii brings a fresh R&B sound to her Searchlight submission. Her song "Worth the Wait' is spacey yet entrancing. According to Chewii, she says she hopes her music will "encourage young women and men to engage in conversations about emotional instability caused by PMS which can activate mood swings, depression and thoughts of suicide."

Song: "Ember"

About: KÔSA sings with emotion, telling a compelling story with both her lyrics and voice. Her song "Ember" is captivating with electric sounds, and Afrocentric rhythms.

Who: Sanford
Song: "Know Hate"

About: Sanford's "Know Hate" is infused with jazz with an alternative twist. Her Searchlight submission is artsy, and has a catchy tune you'll find yourself singing.

Who: So Loki
Song: "Lil Ma"

About: This Vancouver post-rap group mixes sultry R&B vibes with octane bangers. The group "aims to inject angst and realism into the otherwise laid-back West Coast culture."

Who: The April Fools Childrenhood
Song: "Miss Resentment"

About: David Cowling is the voice behind the April Fools Childrenhood. His song "Miss Resentment" is a melancholic guitar ballad layered with poppy vocal melodies.

Who: Postmoderndisco feat. Yunn Wong and Alicia Grace
Song: "Ottawa"

About: Hailing from Ottawa, Postmoderndisco layers atmospheric electronic, hip-hop beats with East Asian melodies in her song "Ottawa."

Who: Löbu
Song: "Lil Sis"

About: Löbu is a creative band from Toronto. The group experiments with spacey indie-pop music and video projections.

Who: Baby Giant
"I Do What I Want"

Baby Giant is a duo made up of two brothers from London, Ont. Their sound and style is organic, and is definitely worth a listen. They consider their record "I Do What I Want" to be one of the best songs from their vast catalogue of projects past and present.

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