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Said The Whale, Jazz Cartier, Chances: five songs you need to hear this month

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We see a lot of new music in our inboxes each month, so when it's time to put together the CBC Radio 3 podcast, selecting which songs to feature is no easy task. We've hand-picked our playlist of five essential Canadian indie songs based on what catches our ears — it could be anything from a new musical discovery, an exciting new direction for a more established artist, or simply a great new song.

On this episode, host Louise Burns interviews Ben Worcester, co-vocalist of Said The Whale, who tells us about the making of their groundbreaking new album As Long As Your Eyes Are Wide, which explores a more vulnerable side to the band against a shimmering new musical backdrop. We'll also talk about the emotional journey they had to take in order to make it.

You’ll also hear music from Chances, a Montreal band tastefully integrating world music into electronic pop, Toronto rapper Jazz Cartier with the first single from his highly anticipated third album, and the cinematic dream pop of London’s You’ll Never Get To Heaven. Hollerado also stopped by to give us the story behind their song “Born Yesterday”, and a bit of insight into the making of their new album.

Listen to the podcast streaming below or download on iTunes or Stitcher.

Here is the playlist for this episode:

1. Jazz Cartier "Tempted" from Fleurever

2. You’ll Never Get To Heaven - "Images" from Images

3. Said The Whale "Heaven" from As Long As Your Eyes Are Wide

4. Chances - "Shine" (single)

5. Hollerado - “Born Yesterday” from Born Yesterday

Said The Whale, Jazz Cartier, Chances: five songs you need to hear this month

February's episode of the Radio 3 podcast features an interview with Said The Whale.