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Space Jam: 5 playlists in anticipation of the next space discovery

Tahiat Mahboob

Let’s start with a quick recap of recent outer space-related headlines:

  • Pluto was demoted to a dwarf planet. Now scientists are trying to promote Pluto back to its full planet glory.
  • Astronomers found a massive new ring around Saturn.
  • Our solar system might have a ninth planet, aptly named Planet 9.
  • Massive tsunamis pounded the coastlines of an early Martian ocean.
  • And most recently, NASA found a treasure trove of Earth-size planets.

While this barely scratches the surface of what’s happened beyond planet Earth in the past few years, three things come to mind:

  1. Science is awesome.
  2. What will the next space discovery be?
  3. All these outer space discoveries are a cause for celebration.

We can’t predict when the next breaking astronomy alert will appear in your inbox. But when it does, we have five playlists featuring songs about outer space to jam out to.

Bear in mind, dozens upon dozens of songs have been written about the sun, moon, stars, planets and space travel. These playlists are mere samplings, curated primarily based on song titles, for a range of musical tastes.

So without further ado:


From "Here Comes the Sun" to "Sun Goes Down," we've found quite a few tunes in pursuit of the sun.


If this playlist is any indication, musicians have volumes to say about the stars. We've barely scratched the surface here.


From "Drops of Jupiter" to "Life on Mars," this playlist has something about every planet except for Earth and dwarf planet Pluto.


We could probably add a dozen more songs to this playlist — it seems like the moon provides ample lyrical inspiration.

The cosmos

From "Space Bound" to "Andromeda," this is a catch-all playlist about journeys, galaxies, and satellites.

While we created these playlists in anticipation of future discoveries, don’t let that stop you from rocking out right now.

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