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Radio 2 Top 20, March 2: Scott Helman, Walk Off the Earth debut, New Pornographers No. 1

Nana aba Duncan

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Radio 2 Top 20, March 2 with Nana aba Duncan

Listen to the 20 best rated songs on Radio 2 for the week of March 2, 2017.


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New to the chart

Scott Helman debuts at No. 20 with "21 Days."

Walk Off the Earth debut at No. 5 with "Fire in My Soul."

Biggest mover

Two bands take giant steps this week. Up 10 spots each, the New Pornographers and Common Deer.

​​Radio 2 Top 20 for ​March 2, 2017

1. The New Pornographers, "High Ticket Attractions"
2. Fast Romantics, "Why We Fight"
3. The xx, "On Hold"
4. Adele, "Water Under the Bridge"
5. Walk Off the Earth, "Fire In My Soul"
6. Port Cities, "Back to the Bottom"
7. Whitehorse, "Boys Like You"
8. Begonia, "I Don't Wanna (Love You)"
9. Bill and Joel Plaskett, "The Next Blue Sky"
10. Common Deer, "Confession (I Should Have Known)"
11. The Shins, "Name For You"
12. Overcoats, "Hold Me Close"
13. Arcade Fire feat. Mavis Staples, "I Give You Power"
14. Jamiroquai, "Cloud 9"
15. Alejandra Ribera, "Carry Me"
16. Spoon, "Hot Thoughts"
17. Robyn Dell'Unto, "Face to Face"
18. Hurray for the Riff Raff, "Hungry Ghost"
19. Amelia Curran, "Gravity"
20. Scott Helman, "21 Days"

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