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Mozart's Sister, Art D'Ecco, Tei Shi: Radio 3 presents 5 songs you need to hear this month

Louise Burns

Over the past year, host Louise Burns has brought you our playlist of essential Canadian indie songs each month, showcasing the best and brightest new music that graces our inboxes.

We are proud to present this month’s podcast, which includes an interview with Caila Thompson-Hannant, a.k.a. Mozart’s Sister, who discusses the positive side of writing about love, and the power of pop music. You’ll also hear music from the exquisite Lydia Ainsworth, a timeless new song from Tei Shi and a track from the powerful, thought-provoking rapper Emay. Vancouver new waver Art D’Ecco also dropped by to share the story behind his song “The Deal.”

As spring is the season of change, it is only fitting that this month’s podcast signifies the closing of a chapter and the opening of a new one. This will be our last CBC Radio 3 Podcast for the time being, as we make way for something new and exciting.

Grant Lawrence and the CanadaSound project will be exploring the vast landscape of sounds which define and shape Canada. The accompanying podcast will be launching soon to support CBC Music’s Canada 150 project. What sound evokes Canada for you? Keep an eye on CBC Music for more information coming soon.

Listen to the podcast streaming below or download on iTunes or Stitcher.

Mozart's Sister, Art D'Ecco, Tei Shi: Radio 3 presents 5 songs you need to hear this month

The new episode of the CBC Radio 3 podcast features an interview with Caila Thompson-Hannant of Mozart's Sister.


Here is the playlist for this month's episode.

1. "Yakub" by Emay from Ilah 

2. "The Road" by Lydia Ainsworth from Darling of the Afterglow 

3."Moment 2 Moment" by Mozart's Sister from Field of Love

4. "How Far" by Tei Shi from Crawl Space

5. "The Deal" by Art D'Ecco from Day Fevers