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Radio 3's featured artist: Mobina Galore

Louise Burns

Whether it be physical or emotional, isolation has long served as muse to writers and musicians alike. Winnipeg’s Mobina Galore are no exception, molding and shaping their muse into something both cathartic and explosive with their brand of high octane punk rock.

On their latest album Feeling Disconnected, guitarist Jenna Priestner and drummer Marcia Hanson offer a glimpse into the life of a touring musician.

“On the road we're living out of a van, living day to day and sometimes that can become very lonely and inspire songs,” said the band via email. “But when we’re having the best of times we’re living in the moment — when you’re feeling isolated, you’re in your head and the creative juices start flowing, at least for the two of us anyway.”

Inspired by West Coast punk and '90s grunge, their music has always contained the perfect mix of aggression and melody. Now, creeping closer to the decade mark as a band, they've never sounded so confident, as though the isolation they’ve been feeling for so long has lead them to a place where they have ultimately found themselves. That, combined with their love of hook heavy riffs, even landed them a place on tour with US punk giants Against Me!, followed by a headlining tour in the U.S. No small feat for any band, let alone one from the depths of the Canadian prairies.

“We are unique I suppose, as it’s not often to see only two people on stage playing punk rock, let alone two women, but at the end of the day we just do whatever we feel like doing and whatever will work for our band and our sound,” they said. “The most important thing for us and our music is writing about what we believe in and staying true to ourselves.”

Mobina Galore are currently on tour, you can find dates here.

Feeling Disconnected is out now on New Damage Records.

Listen to album track "Spend My Day" below.