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Party on St. Patrick's: 17 songs to aid the revelry

Tahiat Mahboob

If there’s ever a day in the year to feel positively green, today is it. Happy St. Patrick's Day!

If your to-do list for the revelry includes styling a green outfit, stocking the bar and setting up a party playlist, you can cross off that last item. We’ve done the work for you.

This is not a task we took lightly. There are so many songs to choose from, not to mention so many themes. Should it be a playlist of Irish musicians? Or just old Irish jigs? What about all those great Newfoundland tunes? Then it struck us: regardless of geography, St. Patrick's Day revelry is something to which many can relate.

With that in mind, here are 17 songs that tell a tale of St. Patrick’s Day celebrations.

Editor's note: strong language and content warning in some of the videos below.

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, ‘Irish Celebration’

From Dublin to New Brunswick, this song touches on all the essentials of a good St. Patrick’s Day, and is the perfect tune to get you in the mood for the day’s celebrations.

Judy Garland, ‘It's a Great Day for the Irish’

Not to point out the obvious, but Judy Garland is right and her happy songs paints a vivid picture of the festivities.

The Irish Rovers, ‘The Orange and the Green’

In case you didn't get the memo, let the Irish Rovers remind you: orange hair and green outfits are going to be a big hit for the day.

The Script, 'Paint the Town Green'

Why stop at your own wardrobe? Green is going to be the colour of the day all over town.

B*Witched, ‘C’est La Vie’

This one-hit-wonder Irish pop group composed a song that perfectly encapsulates the cheerful spirit of the day.

Gaelic Storm, ‘Drink the Night Away’

This is a lively song that sets appropriate celebration goals.

Paddy and the Rats, ‘Song of a Leprechaun’

As you make your way to join friends, the streets will be filled with paraders dressed as leprechauns. Here’s a tribute to all those bearers of pots filled with gold.

Daft Punk, ‘Get Lucky’

Leprechauns won’t be the only things you’ll spot. There will be four-leaf clovers aplenty for good luck. And while Daft Punk might not be singing about them specifically, we’ll take luck however we can get it.

The Rumjacks, ‘An Irish Pub Song’

Know that feeling when every designated Irish pub in town is overflowing on St. Patrick’s? Then you spot a place that’s miraculously not crowded, rush in and declare, “This will do just fine.” That’s what this song is like.

Pink, ‘Raise Your Glass’

What better way to make a toast than with this inclusive Pink number?

Beyonce, ‘Drunk in Love’

Who said you can only get drunk on libations?

Ed Sheeran, ‘Galway Gal’

While he might not be drunk in love, Sheeran’s recent release is an ode to a woman who plays a fiddle in an Irish band and is a great ditty to sway to.

J-Kwon, ‘Tipsy’

A few hours in, you stand up for a breath of fresh air and it hits you. Let J-Kwon explain what you’re feeling.

Fiddler's Green, ‘Bugger Off’

If there comes a time in the night when you need to tell someone off, let this German band’s shout-out to the Dubliners' song help you out.

Chumbawamba, ‘Tubthumping’

When the exhaustion starts to set in, let Chumbawamba motivate you to get up again.

The Wailin' Jennys, ‘The Parting Glass’

As the night winds down, things start to get introspective and the Wailin’ Jennys have just the right song for your final drink.

Dropkick Murphys, ‘Going Out in Style’

The bar’s about to close and everyone’s in a funk. But St. Patrick’s comes around once a year and it’s best to end the night with a cheer.

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