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Celebrate Easter with 2 classical music streams

Editorial Staff

Easter and the week that precedes it (known as Holy Week) are a big deal in classical music circles. The emotional drama of the Passion — the story of Jesus's persecution, crucifixion and resurrection — has been an inspiration to Western composers, from Medieval times to the present. Many, such as J.S. Bach, reserved their best efforts for musical depictions of the Passion.

If you observe Easter, then you know music can be an effective accompaniment and enhance your spiritual journey, from the darkness of Lent and Holy Week to the joy of the resurrection.

Expanding on the popularity of our annual Classical Easter stream, this year we're happy to announce two Easter streams. Music for Reflection will be your soundtrack for contemplation, with some of classical music's greatest works to bring you peace: J.S. Bach's Keyboard Partita No. 2, Gabriel Fauré's Requiem, Arvo Pärt's De Profundis, to name just a few.

Enhance your spiritual journey, reflect on life, meditate with a peaceful mind. Let some of history's greatest classical works sooth you. Hear: Mozart's "Ave Verum Corpus," Avro Pärt's De Profundis, Fauré's Requiem, and more!

Music for Celebration will fill your heart with joyful sounds — an exuberant high-five to mark the arrival of spring after the long, dark winter months. Look forward to cheerful music from Edvard Grieg, G.F. Handel, Franz Schubert, W.A. Mozart and many more.

Fill your heart with a joyous aural celebration. The musical expression of sun breaking through clouds, flowers arriving in spring, and fireworks lighting up the night. Hear: Bach "Brandenburg concerto"; Handel "Messiah"; Elgar "Pomp And Circumstance" and more!

Explore the full array of classical streams offered by CBC Music on our streams page.

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