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Covered Classics: Port Cities, 'I Saw Her Again (Last Night)'

Ron Skinner

How do you cover a song that was originally recorded in the tradition of Phil Spector's wall of sound? Simple: you tear it down to its core essentials and start from scratch.

That is exactly what Port Cities felt they had to do when asked to cover "I Saw Her Again (Last Night)" by the Mamas and the Papas. The original recording was produced by "West Coast sound" Lou Adler, who admittedly went over the top with the production. “I just overloaded it with production; it’s got everything on it that I could possibly think of, and just kept building and building.”

For this Covered Classics version of "I Saw Her Again (Last Night)," Port Cities present the song with just an acoustic guitar and beautiful vocal harmonies. Listening to the song performed this way, you can imagine that this must have been the way it originally sounded when songwriters Denny Doherty and John Phillips presented it to Cass Elliot and Michelle Phillips for the first time back in 1966.