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Young Galaxy, Feist, Jacques Greene: Radio 3's top 30 songs for the week of April 17, 2017

Editorial Staff

Montreal's Young Galaxy break on to our chart this week with a new song called "Stay For Real," which checks in at #30. It feels like it could be the soundtrack for a dark and dreamy roller disco.


A few weeks ago, the inimitable Feist announced that her first new album since 2011's Metals would be released on April 28. The title track from the album is our highest debut this week at #17, and it was totally worth the wait.

Other debuts this week include "Petals" from Tops, "Comfort Zone" from Partner, "No Domination" by the Luyas and "Images" from You'll Never Get To Heaven. Montreal producer Jacques Greene makes it to #1 with "Real Time," the pulsating first single from his latest album Feel Infinite.


Take a look at the full list of our top 30 songs:

30. Young Galaxy, “Stay For Real”
29. Tops, “Petals”
28. Mac DeMarco, “My Old Man”
27. Partner, “Comfort Zone”
26. Besnard Lakes, “Laura Lee”
25. The Luyas, “No Domination”
24. Heat, “City Limits”
23. Blood And Glass, “Block Of Ice”
22. Bernice, “Don’t Wanna Be European”
21. You’ll Never Get To Heaven, “Images”
20. Homeshake, “Every Single Thing”
19. The Tourist Company, “Apollo”
18. Le Trouble, “Vampires”
17. Feist, “Pleasure” *highest debut*
16. Teen Daze, “First Rain”
15. The Franklin Electric, “Save Yourself”
14. The Courtneys, “Virgo”
13. Fast Romantics, “Why We Fight”
12. Land Of Talk, “Inner Lover”
11. Century Palm, “Reset Reaction”
10. More Or Les, “Long Way To Go”
9. Dany Laj & the Looks, “Sweet Pretender”
8. Sam Roberts Band, “Black Spark”
7. Lou Canon, “Coma”
6. Odd Years, “Troubadour”
5. Sam Patch, “Listening”
4. Mozart’s Sister, “Eternally Girl”
3. Peter Peter, “Loving Game”
2. Calvin Love, “Warm Blindness & A Cool Breeze”
1. Jacques Greene, “Real Time”