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My Playlist with Ron Sexsmith

Carole Warren
My Playlist with Ron Sexsmith

Listen to My Playlist with Ron Sexsmith


Three-time-Juno winner Ron Sexsmith has appeared on My Playlist with impressive regularity.

At least his songs have. Everyone has a favourite Ron Sexsmith track.(Even more, now that his album The Last Rider is out)

Listen to Ron's favourite tracks on My Playlist.

*Bill Withers-Lean On Me

*Andy Kim-How'd We Ever Get This Way

*Poppy Family-Where Evil Grows

*Elton John-Blues For Baby And Me

*Leonard Cohen-Hey, That's No Way To Say Goodbye

*Bob Snider-(I'm Looking For) A Love To Call My Own

*Kyp Harness-Mayor Of Crazytown

*Feist-Brandy Alexander

*The Kinks-Days

*Buddy Holly-It Doesn't Matter Anymore

*Max Webster-On The Road

*Gordon Lightfoot-Now And Then