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First Play Live: Fast Romantics, American Love

Ron Skinner

Fast Romantics are quite possibly Canada's next great rock act.

Led by singer-guitarist Matthew Angus, Fast Romantics have been around since 2009 but the band has struggled with finding the perfect match of personalities to bring Angus's highly crafted pop/rock vision forward.

With this most recent lineup, Fast Romantics seem to have found their groove: singer-songwriter Kirty on vocals, acoustic guitar and synth; Jeffrey Lewis on bass; Lisa Lorenz on keyboards; Kevin Black on guitars; and Nick McKinlay on drums.

And it's this lineup that is responsible for the latest Fast Romantics album, American Love, which the band played in Studio 211 for a tight live performance that rivals any other band in Canada.

Check out these First Play Live performances of songs from Fast Romantics' newest release, American Love: