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Serena Ryder plays Jam or Not a Jam

Editorial Staff

When CBC Music Festival headliner Serena Ryder stopped by the office, we couldn't pass up the chance to play Jam or Not a Jam. Our list of potential jams was a mix of current hits and classics, featuring artists like Rush, Nickelback, DJ Khaled and Shania Twain.

Check out which tracks got Ryder's thumbs up, and which ones got the boot.

Ryder visited CBC Music ahead of the release of her anticipated new album, Utopia, which drops on May 26. She shared that she had written nearly 100 songs for the album, with just 17 making the cut. You can expect to hear songs from Utopia and earlier music during Ryder's set at the CBC Music Festival on May 27. Tickets are on sale now.