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Have a splash on World Oceans Day with these 15 Canadian songs

Tahiat Mahboob

In 1987, the World Commission on Environment and Development noted that the ocean sector lacked a strong voice. Five years later, Canada, home to the world’s longest coastline linking three different oceans — Atlantic, Arctic and Pacific — proposed the concept of World Oceans Day at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro.

The goal? To honour, help protect and conserve the world’s oceans.

While it would take 16 more years for the United Nations to formally recognize June 8 as World Oceans Day, for Canada there was no waiting: the country began observing the day from 1992 onwards.

The theme for 2017 is Our Oceans, Our Future, with a focus on preventing plastic ocean pollution. From beach cleanups to documentary screenings, organizations and individuals in more than 100 countries around the world will participate in more than 300 events to celebrate and raise awareness about the world’s oceans on June 8.

What better time than this to put together a playlist of Canadian songs that reference the oceans, the seas and water journeys? Here are 15.

Neil Young, 'I'm the Ocean'

k.d.lang, 'Love's Great Ocean'

Gordon Lightfoot, 'Sea of Tranquility'

Ben Webster & Oscar Peterson, 'How Deep is the Ocean'

Tegan & Sara, 'The Ocean'

The Tragically Hip, 'Yer Not the Ocean'

Thrush Hermit, 'The Great Pacific Ocean'

Great Big Sea, 'Excursion Around the Bay'

Stan Rogers, 'Northwest Passage'

Joni Mitchell, 'The Dawntreader'

Hey Ocean!, 'Big Blue Wave'

Figgy Duff, 'Weather Out the Storm'

Said the Whale, 'Howe Sounds'

Planet Smashers, 'Surfin' in Tofino'

Anne Murray, 'Sea of Heartbreak'

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