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Sarah Slean debuts songs from Metaphyics at the CBC Music Festival

Reuben Maan

Sarah Slean didn't let pneumonia stop her from performing at this year's CBC Music Festival. With a new album titled Metaphysics, why let corporeal limitations hamper the show. Slean didn't just stoically "wait for the perfect sky" — she channelled the lyrics of her single "Perfect Sky" and performed a beautiful set of music, accompanied by an eight-person band.

While listening to these new songs, check out the painted piano case that Slean slides her keyboard into. Slean painted the case herself and the meaning is really complex. She describes it here:

“It’s a painting that I created over several years — the three legs of the piano provided the perfect canvas for a metaphysical drama — there is a hell leg (downstage) which depicts isolated, faceless modern man surrounded by clocks and skulls; he is mortal, and woven into time inextricably…. The heaven leg shows dreamy hallucinations of queens, angels, musical musings, flights of imagination. The piano player is placed squarely in the centre of these two poles, and when performing, is drawing music out of them both…. The centre leg, at the back, is where these opposing energies meet and merge, into a kind of timeless union — that 'field beyond wrongdoing and right doing' that Rumi described. The Buddha sits on an unfolding Lotus flower, the two lovers of an Egon Schiele painting are intertwined, a radiant castle shimmers in the distance."

Watch "Perfect Sky" and four other songs from Metaphysics below:

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