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Lou Canon, Land of Talk, Rococode: Radio 3's top 30 songs for the week of June 26, 2017

Editorial Staff

Toronto electronic artist Lou Canon released an album called Suspicous in April, and the silky, atmospheric track "Steady Flow" enters the chart at #28 this week.


Land of Talk recently returned from a six-year break with the excellent album Life After Youth, and the song "This Time" checks in as our highest debut at #20. Singer-songwriter Elizabeth Powell's formidable songwriting skills are on full display here, and you can hear her newfound sense of hope and determination in the lyrics "I don't wanna waste it, my life/To think it was in front of me."

Other debuts include "Hop That Fence" from Blood and Glass, "I Got You" from Hollerado, "Dayglo Bimbo" from Tops and "Hug of Thunder" from Broken Social Scene.

Vancouver indie pop duo Rococode just released a new album called Young Ones earlier this month, and their song "Brutal" climbs all the way to the #1 spot.

Here's the full rundown of our top 30 chart this week:

30. Blood And Glass, “Hop That Fence”
29. Ghost Twin, “Chymical Wedding”
28. Lou Canon, “Steady Flow”
27. Hollerado, “I Got You”
26. Japandroids, “North East South West”
25. Bernice, “Talking About Her”
24. Tops, “Dayglo Bimbo”
23. Beta Frontiers, “If I Stayed”
22. Broken Social Scene, “Hug Of Thunder”
21. Daniel Romano, “When I Learned Your Name”
20. Land Of Talk, “This Time” *highest debut*
19. Hotkid, “Caught In The Light”
18. Geoffroy, “Sleeping On My Own”
17. Whitehorse, “Nighthawks”
16. Mozart’s Sister, “Plastic Memories”
15. Pick A Piper, “Nikko”
14. The Bandicoots, “Rocky Horror”
13. Figure Walking, “The Country”
12. The Wooden Sky, “You’re Not Alone”
11. Taylor Knox, “Running Into Love”
10. New Swears, “Dance With The Devil”
9. The Matinee, “Figure It Out”
8. Sam Patch, “St. Sebastian”
7. Mother Mother, “Love Struck”
6. Wilsen, “Garden”
5. The Dears, “Of Fisticuffs”
4. Walrus, “Regular Face”
3. Common Deer, “Feather And Bone”
2. Jacques Greene, “To Say”
1. Rococode, “Brutal”