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First Play Live: Whitehorse, Panther in the Dollhouse (Part 2)

Reuben Maan

Whitehorse releases its new album, Panther in the Dollhouse, on Friday, July 7. Fans of the band have been waiting a long time for this new music. Luke Doucet and Melissa McClelland teased the album with the first single, "Boys Like You," way back in January, while the second single, "Nighthawks," came in early May, just after they played their First Play Live session.

The new songs burn with emotion, many of them diving deep into the muddy swamp of domestic life: unfulfilled desires, broken promises, "cheap shots and blind spots." Doucet and McClelland transform the "dirty dreams" into passionate art. (Check out the smouldering build on "Die Alone.") The married couple hired a full band to perform this album and the results are fantastic. They can focus more on their own performances and song-craft and have their bandmates — John Obercian, Ryan Gavel and Greg MacDonald — fill in the drum, bass and keys.

We released Part 1 of the FPL session back in May, and here now is the rest of the session for you. Watch it below.

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