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Here are your 20 favourite Canadian songs

Monika Platek

A few weeks ago we asked you a simple question: What's your favourite Canadian song?

This patritotic question hit at the hearts of so many people, and the response was overwhelming. To some it meant, "Which song reminds you of Canada?" To others it was an opportunity to express their love for a particular Canadian artist or act. One thing seemed to be true across the board: it was nearly impossible for them to pick just one Canadian favourite.

We received more than 2,500 replies on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. While musical tastes varied from Rush to Maestro Fresh Wes, there were some definite favourites that stood out. These favourites may surprise you — or be exactly what you'd expect from our CBC Music friends and followers. Either way, take a trip back through time with some nostalgic Canadian songs this weekend as we celebrate Canada's 150th.

Below are the 20 most popular songs as commented on by you, our Canadian listeners!

Joni Mitchell, 'A Case of You'

"'A Case of You' by Joni Mitchell because I love the lines 'I drove a map of Canada. Oh Canada with your name written on it twice.' [sic]" — Sharryn Johnson

The Tragically Hip, 'Wheat Kings'

"'Wheat Kings' or anything by the Hip. I feel like they are our Canadian secret. I often wonder if there is another band in another country that brings the country together as the Hip has been able to do." — Michelle Sanderson

Gordon Lightfoot, 'Canadian Railroad Trilogy'

"Gordon Lightfoot's 'Canadian Railway Trilogy.' Period. You asked for the best Canadian song and it doesn't get more Canadian than Gordon Lightfoot." — Randy G. Hone

Tom Cochrane, 'Life is a Highway'

"The first one that came to mind was 'Life is a Highway' by Tom Cochrane, just a fun, catchy rock song." — Lisa Redfern Henry Galka

Anne Murray, 'Could I Have This Dance'

"I'm not Canadian, I'm from Detroit, Michigan, but I'd say Anne Murray: 'Could I Have This Dance.'" — Nancy Schema Paradis

Leonard Cohen, 'Hallelujah'

"'Hallelujah' by Leonard Cohen. Written by an internationally respected poet and musician. Some of the versions performed by other artists show the power of his music and song around the world. He was Canada's unofficial poet laureate and is missed." — Henry Galka

Bryan Adams, 'Summer of 69'

"'Summer of 69' by Bryan Adams is just such a classic sing-along and rock-out song. It's still a huge hit! Even at Oktoberfest in Germany. It has been my go-to 'feeling homesick' song while living overseas for 11 years. I also saw him in concert five times in Germany." — Brett Macdonald

Sarah McLachlan, 'Angel'

"Sarah McLachlan's 'In the arms of an angel' has helped me during some of the lowest times in my life and still does the trick whenever needed." — Pete Rose

Ian Tyson, 'Four Strong Winds'

"Four Strong Winds. One of my all-time faves!" — Yvonne Silvestre

Northern Lights, 'Tears are not Enough'

"Growing up I was obsessed with 'Tears Are Not Enough' by the Northern Lights, and you can't get more Canadian a song than one written by Bryan Adams and David Foster and featuring pretty much every big Canadian artist of the day (plus John Candy and a bunch of hockey players). I still love it!" — Megan Ann Saunby Irving

Great Big Sea, 'Ordinary Day'

"For me it's 'Ordinary Day' by Great Big Sea. Such a positive message, a great beat, and it has stood the test of time, I think. It's personally been my life saver in the roughest of waters (see what I did there)?" — Krista Danielle Eddy

Stompin' Tom, 'My Stompin' Grounds'

"'My Stompin Grounds'! He sings about our country, where we we live and we all love." — Mike Murray

Celine Dion, 'My Heart Will Go On'

"It has to be Celine Dion's 'My Heart Will Go On' from Titanic. It was number one on the charts forever." — Adam Joyce Has

Barenaked Ladies, 'Lovers in a Dangerous Time'

"Wow, that is a very tough question, although if pressed I may have to go with 'Lovers in a Dangerous Time' — for the original Bruce Cockburn version and Barenaked Ladies' cover (my favourite Canadian video of all time)." — Carrie Phebus

Jann Arden, 'Good Mother'

"'Good Mother' by Jann Arden — a song about maternal love, individuality and being thankful for the little things in life." — Richard Evans

April Wine, 'Oowatanite'

"'Oowatanite' by April Wine, one of the greatest rock acts this country has produced!" — Rob Saulnier

Rita MacNeil, 'She's Called Nova Scotia'

"'She's Called Nova Scotia' by Rita MacNeil ... tears me up every time I hear it." — Judy Rushton-Ross

Chris and Dave Hadfield, 'In Canada'

"I choose 'In Canada' by Chris and Dave Hadfield because it has everything in it about what makes Canada a great country and I love living in Canada." — Zainab Choudhri

Alanis Morissette, 'Ironic'

"Isn't it ironic by Alanis Morrissette is a favourite and classic for sure." — Dianne Abbey- Haycock

SNFU, 'Cockatoo Quill'

"This band, and this song in particular, felt like an understanding of so many shared struggles. In the late '80s and '90s, Chi Pig delivered one of, if not the, best stage performance in the industry. To this day he never fails to entertain audiences across the country." — Fanni Adams

Editor's note: song contains strong language.

Hang out with me on Twitter @MonikaPlatek and let me know which songs you'd like to see on this playlist.

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