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First Play Live: a l l i e, Nightshade

Ron Skinner

Knowing that Toronto R&B artist a l l i e draws equal inspiration from artists like Otis Redding and Flying Lotus is enough of a hint to what you will hear in her debut full-length release, Nightshade. This is sensual, rich and introspective soul music that also packs a punch.

Nightshade is a collection of songs from a fiercely independent, self-empowered artist (one who recently appeared on our list of 10 emerging Toronto artists to watch). So the fact that the album is also being released independently should not come as a surprise. But being independent doesn't mean that a l l i e is standing alone, as she has brought in some powerful production partners to make her vision a reality: Harrison, 2nd Son and River Tiber, to name just three.

Prior to the release of Nightshade, a l l i e spent an afternoon recording live performances of four of the album's songs with producer 2nd Son at her side. Check out the videos below to hear the results of that session.