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First Play Live: Mappe Of, A Northern Star, A Perfect Stone

Ron Skinner

When you listen to Mappe Of's just-released debut album, you can't help but think that the music would be hard to pull off in a live setting. How would it be possible to reproduce all of those lush sounds, not to mention the beautifully intricate guitar playing?

Mappe Of erased all doubts with its amazing First Play Live session. In front of an intimate audience of mostly family and friends, Mappe Of's band members performed A Northern Star, A Perfect Stone in its entirety, front to back. And they seemed to do it without even breaking a sweat.

The Mappe Of live band is made up of frontman Tom Meikle on guitar and vocals, Rowan Grice on guitar and keyboards, Kory Ross on guitar, keyboards and lap steel, Jason Brum on bass and Moog synthesizer plus Zachary Cockburn on drums.

Check out the videos below for Mappe Of's debut live performances of A Northern Star, A Perfect Stone.