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Need a confidence boost? Watch these epic Tina Turner performances

Amanda Parris

Whether you're getting ready for a job interview, visiting the in-laws or preparing for a big presentation, sometimes you need a little help reducing stress and getting a confidence boost for the task at hand. Everyone has their own strategy: some listen to Ted Talks, others watch Kanye interviews.

I recommend watching videos of Tina Turner's live performances.

Turner is a legend. From her unique cadence to her elaborate footwork and majestic command of a microphone stand, she exudes sexy, cool and poised self-assurance. Here are two performances that will give you that jolt of confidence for whatever you have to face today.

Listen to Marvin's Room, Sept 8th 2017

Marvin's Room with Amanda Parris on CBC Radio


'Proud Mary'

It's hard to choose which "Proud Mary" performance to go with. Turner has been performing this song for decades and each time seems more epic than the last. However, in this show, the dress/leotard/caped-tassle ensemble she's wearing is everything.

'Simply the Best'

Anyone who's ever been brave enough to sing this song at karaoke knows that it has a magical effect. The audience confirms it; it's impossible to sing "Simply the Best" with anything but unbridled passion. Also, shout out to the sax player in the background who is really feeling this.

Marvin's Room playlist for Sept. 8

  1. Rihanna feat. SZA, "Consideration"
  2. Total feat. Missy Elliott, "What About Us?"
  3. Majid Jordan, "All I Do"
  4. Derin Falana, "Break Out"
  5. Mary J. Blige, "Not Gonna Cry"
  6. Staasia Daniels, "Goatee"
  7. Frank Ocean, "Bad Religion"
  8. Jacob Banks feat. Avelino, "Monster"
  9. Desiire, "Motions"
  10. Tina Turner, "Proud Mary"
  11. Saidah Baba Talibah, "High"
  12. Marvin Gaye, "What’s Going On"