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From the Roots to Jill Scott: here's your soundtrack for self-care

Amanda Parris

These are trying times and stress levels are high. So in an attempt to mitigate the anxiety, this episode of Marvin's Room is a soundtrack for self-care.

Below is a selection of music that will encourage you to pause, take a deep breath, check in with yourself, vibe out and then keep going.

Listen to Marvin's Room, Sept 15th 2017

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Jill Scott, 'A Long Walk'

This song is brilliant because it’s all about basking in simple everyday pleasures with someone who makes you smile.

Jamila Woods feat. Chance the Rapper, 'LSD'

Jamila Woods is constantly writing love letters to different communities that rarely get celebrated in society. This song is dedicated to her community in Chicago.

The Roots and Bilal, 'It Ain't Fair'

Sometimes self-care also requires a meditation on the anger, the frustration and the rage that you're feeling. This song is a sonic meditation on racial injustice that is bold, grand and piercing in it’s brilliance.

LAL, 'Brown-Eyed Warrior'

No soundtrack for self-care is complete without this ode to the activists that risk it all on the frontlines.

Marvin's Room playlist for Sept. 15, 2017:

  1. Jill Scott, "A Long Walk"
  2. Jamila Woods feat. Chance the Rapper, "LSD"
  3. Dey, "Sandman"
  4. Willie Hutch, "I Choose You"
  5. Raphael Saadiq feat. Jay-Z, "Oh Girl"
  6. Lincoln, "I Need You"
  7. The Roots and Bilal, "It Ain’t Fair"
  8. LAL, "Brown-Eyed Warrior"
  9. Rose Royce, "I Wanna Get Next to You"
  10. Maiko Watson, "Another Day"
  11. Shanika Maria, "Mouth Eaters"