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Guitars in Hand: Dan Kanter swaps stories with Blue Rodeo guitarist Colin Cripps

Editorial Staff

CBC Music Lab's Guitars in Hand invites viewers to join Canadian guitarist Dan Kanter as he sits down with some of the world's best guitar players for a candid, behind-the-scenes look at what makes them tick.

In this episode, Kanter is joined by famed session guitarist Colin Cripps, well-known for his work with the likes of Blue Rodeo, Bryan Adams and Kathleen Edwards. Cripps shares his approach to guitar-playing, and the names of guitarists who have inspired him most. Along the way, he explains his love for vintage guitars and vintage pedals, and how that led to acquiring Johnny Cash's guitar— a 1955 Martin D18 that Cripps later sold to Bryan Adams.

Cripps and Kanter also swap stories of being guitar side men, and visit the Who's 1969 album Tommy in an impromptu jam.

Watch below.