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Here are 5 Canadian R&B artists you should check out this week

Amanda Parris
Listen to Marvin's Room, Sept 22nd 2017

Marvin's Room with Amanda Parris on CBC Radio


It’s that time of year when everything transitions. The kids move from summer fun to school mode; the weather turns from summer heat to the fall cool down; the leaves switch from bright green to sunset tones of yellow, red and orange.

And at this time of shift and change, it’s great to have a soundtrack that keeps you grounded and fuels you with energy to keep it all moving. Luckily, this also happens to be a moment when Canadian R&B is on fire.

Here are five tracks from Canadian R&B artists we recommend adding to your playlist this week.

Witch Prophet, 'Pearly Gates'

R&B isn’t usually known for asking existential questions, but that’s exactly where Toronto singer Witch Prophet takes this song. With a beat that requires head nodding, Witch Prophet asks the question that has preoccupied humans since the beginning of time: what happens after death?


dvsn, 'Mood'

When Toronto duo dvsn releases a new song, you add it to your playlist. It’s that simple. With this song, lead singer Daniel Daley channels his inner Maxwell with a smooth falsetto that guides you into a seductive groove.

Daniel Caesar feat. H.E.R., 'Best Part'

Caesar’s entire new album, Freudian, should be on your rotation, but if you need a song suggestion to get started, this song is a great welcome from the Oshawa, Ont., native. Featuring the sounds of H.E.R., their collaboration feels like sonic magic.

Abakos, 'Thieves'

Described as the sound of future-soul, Montreal-based duo Abakos is known for its synthesizing of electronic sounds and Congolese rumba. This final track in Abakos' briliant EP New Constellation leaves listeners hungry for more.

Balu, 'Missing in Action'

This next artist gained a name as Balu Ballistic while travelling the world on the international beatbox circuit. But now he’s shifted gears and is developing a sound that he has dubbed “diasporic R&B.” As you'll hear on this song, Balu's influences span from Little Jaffna to Little Jamaica.

The Marvin's Room playlist for Sept. 22, 2017

  1. Mary J. Blige, "Be Happy"
  2. Spinners, "I’ll Be Around"
  3. Jamila Woods feat. Noname, "VRY BLK"
  4. Witch Prophet, "Pearly Gates"
  5. Musiq Soulchild, "Halfcrazy"
  6. dvsn, "Mood"
  7. Dru Hill, "Tell Me"
  8. Daniel Caesar f/ H.E.R., "Best Part"
  9. Four Tops, "Reach Out, I’ll Be There"
  10. Ibeyi feat. Kamasi Washington, "Deathless"
  11. Abakos, "Thieves"
  12. Balu, "Missing in Action"