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Which track makes Tanya Tagaq 'cluck like a chicken?' Find out on My Playlist

Carole Warren
My Playlist with Tanya Tagaq

Tanya Tagaq hosts My Playlist


Yes - it's true - somewhere on the list below is the track that makes Tanya Tagaq - winner of the 2014 Polaris Prize- "cluck like a chicken." Makes sense. Canadian music has never seen anyone like her.
One critic called it "chaos under constraint". Using traditional throat singing as a jumping off point, Tagaq swoops and growls an improvised - mostly wordless - performance that seems to come straight from the core of her heart.
Hear this unique performer as you've never heard her before - talking about the music she loves on My Playlist.

*Buffy St. Marie-No No Keshagesh

*M.I.A.-Bad Girls

*The Pixies-Hey

*Kronos Quartet-Flugufrelsarinn

*July Talk-Beck And Call

*Leonard Cohen-Take This Longing

*John Fahey-America

*Tribe Called Red-Indian City

*Metallica-Master of Puppets

*Radiohead-Decks Dark