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First Play Live: Metz, Strange Peace

Reuben Maan

Metz is the loudest band we've ever had in the CBC Music studio.

The noise rockers pounded through a blistering set of songs from their new album, Strange Peace, that ended in a cathartic sweaty mess. Strange Peace is a surprising title for a punk-metal album, but watch the videos below a few times and you'll find a unique harmony amidst the chaos. Alex Edkins, Hayden Menzies and Chris Slorach are joined by Graham Walsh of Holy F--k, who mixed this live session, and plays keys for a couple songs.

So take a frenzied, distorted, head-banging journey on the six-plus minutes of "Raw Materials." Examine what lies at the bottom of the "Drained Lake." Songs "Eraser" and "Lost in the Blank City" are also standouts. See if you can work up as much of a sweat as drummer Menzies while listening to this session.

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