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Gord Downie announces Introduce Yerself, a double album of 23 new songs

Holly Gordon

"This is my solo record."

Gord Downie makes this statement at the beginning of a teaser video for his just-announced new album, Introduce Yerself. Due out on Oct. 27, the double album will include 23 new tracks recorded over two four-day sessions in January 2016 and February 2017.

"Introduce Yerself continues the collaborative relationship that last year brought the music of Downie’s historic Secret Path to life, with [Kevin] Drew producing the album and co-writing a number of the new songs," detailed the Facebook post.

The teaser video above was directed by Jennifer Baichwal and Nicholas de Pencier, the duo behind the Tragically Hip's recent documentary, Long Time Running, about the band's Man Machine Poem tour in summer 2016.

Pre-order the album via as of Sept. 29.

Introduce Yerself tracklist:

1. "First Person"
2. "Wolf’s Home"
3. "Bedtime"
4. "Introduce Yerself"
5. "Coco Chanel No. 5"
6. "Ricky Please"
7. "Safe is Dead"
8. "Spoon"
9. "A Natural"
10. "Faith Faith"
11. "My First Girlfriend"
12. "Yer Ashore"
13. "Love Over Money"
14. "You Me and the B’s"
15. "Snowflake"
16. "A Better End"
17. "Nancy"
18. "Thinking About Us"
19. "The Road"
20. "You Are the Bird"
21. "The Lake"
22. "Far Away and Blurred"
23. "The North"