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From Prince and Lhasa De Sela to The Arrogant Worms--Leif Vollebekk loves them all

Carole Warren

My Playlist with Leif Vollebekk

Leif Vollebekk hosts My Playlist

My Playlist with Leif Vollebekk


*Prince-Call My Name

*Kathleen Edwards-Asking For Flowers

*Lhasa De Sela-Fool's Gold

*Patrick Watson-Hommage

*The Arrogant Worms-The Mountie Song

*Neil Young-Thrasher

*Ian Tyson-Gift

*Gordon Lightfoot-Early Mornin' Train

*The Band-Lonesome Suzie

*The Barr Brothers-Burn Card

*Leonard Cohen-Hey That's No Way To Say Goodbye