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Watch: Irish band the Academic uses the Facebook live delay as a loop pedal

Editorial Staff

Irish indie band the Academic has released a Facebook live performance of its latest song "Bear Claws," using the audio/video time lag to fascinating results.

As anyone who has used Facebook live knows, there is a delay of a few seconds between pressing go and the video going live. The Academic created a loop out of the delay and then projected the Facebook live feed on a screen behind them. The loop process is then repeated, over and over. The band arranged its current single "Bear Claws," to create the effect.

The band explained its process via its YouTube page.

"We rearranged each instrument on 'Bear Claws' to fit Facebook Live’s delay, with each loop getting more complex, adding instruments, rhythms, and melodies. Additionally, by projecting the video live from a soundstage, we created an infinite tunnel consisting of all the previously recorded loops."

Watch the video below.

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