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First Play Live: The Barr Brothers, Queens of the Breakers

Reuben Maan

The Barr Brothers are back with an excellent new album called Queens of the Breakers. Guitarist/vocalist Brad Barr, drummer Andrew Barr and harpist Sarah Pagé make up the core of the band, and are joined by bassist Morgan Moore and pedal steel/guitar player Brett Lanier.

The album is filled with a rocky, bluesy mix of Americana. Title track "Queens of the Breakers" is a total jam. "Song That I Heard" may bring you to tears, as the band members harmonize around a single mic. "You Would Have to Loose Your Mind" and "It Came to Me" are thoughtful wandering grooves. Check out these songs and others as the Barr Brothers debut six songs from their new album, Queens of the Breakers:

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