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‘I’ll give you the confines of my heart’: Gord Downie from the CBC Archives

Holly Gordon

With the news of Gord Downie’s death sinking in, fans are listening to the Tragically Hip on repeat, delving into lyrics and meanings in a collective effort to mourn one of Canada’s most beloved artists.

In 1999, more than a decade after the band formed and one year after its seventh full-length album, Phantom Power, former CBC reporter and The Signal host Laurie Brown interviewed Downie while the Hip was on a tour stop in Saint John, N.B., to find out why the band is so beloved.

“With my voice, I’ll give you the confines of my heart. Which is illegible. It’s more of a feeling. A mule kick to the chest,” Downie says in the interview.

Watch the full video below.

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