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Peach Pit, U.S. Girls, Wilderness of Manitoba: Radio 3's top 30 songs for the week of Oct. 30, 2017

Editorial Staff

If you're looking for some laid-back grooves, Vancouver's Peach Pit is just the band for you. They describes their music as "chewed bubblegum pop and the irresistibly catchy song "Being So Normal" enters the chart at #27.


Meg Remy, a.k.a. U.S. Girls, crashes on to the chart at #21 with "Mad As Hell," a catchy song that falls into the category of anti-war disco-pop. She's currently working on a follow-up to her last album, Half Free, which came out in 2015.

Other debuts this week include "Wonder" from Common Deer at #29 and "You're Dreaming" from Wolf Parade at #25.

Wilderness of Manitoba released an album in September called Across the Dark, and the album's lead single, "Cindy Runs" climbs to the top spot on our chart this week.

See the full rundown of our top 30 songs:

30. Twist, “Benefits”
29. Common Deer, “Wonder”
28. Said The Whale, “Nothing Makes Me Happy”
27. Peach Pit, “Being So Normal”
26. The Elwins, “Hey! Ya You”
25. Wolf Parade, “You’re Dreaming”
24. Taylor Knox, “Wishing Well”
23. Cold Specks, “Solid”
22. Peach Pyramid, “Repeating Myself”
21. U.S. Girls, “Mad As Hell” *highest debut*
20. Nick Ferrio, “Soothsayer”
19. Laura Sauvage, “Everything Is In Everything”
18. Cadence Weapon, “Don’t Talk To Me”
17. Liam Corcoran, “Out Of This World 2”
16. The Pack A.D., “Dollhouse”
15. Chad VanGaalen, “Mind Hijacker’s Curse”
14. Tops, “Further”
13. Barr Brothers, “It Came To Me”
12. Death From Above, “Holy Books”
11. Fake Palms, “I’m Not There”
10. Mo Kenney, “Unglued”
9. Destroyer, “Sky’s Grey”
8. Partner, “Play The Field”
7. Ben Stevenson, “Some Kinda Blue”
6. Paupiere, “Defunte Lune De Miel”
5. Royal Canoe + Little Scream, “Painted For Us”
4. Jordan Klassen, “Yer Cure”
3. Stars, “We Called It Love”
2. New Pornographers, “Darling Shade”
1. Wilderness Of Manitoba, “Cindy Runs”