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Watch the Jerry Cans teach throat singing to a music class in West Vancouver

CBC Music

Right now, hundreds of music classes from across the country are busy learning Canadian songs from this list of tunes we've provided for the 2017 Canadian Music Class Challenge.

This year, one of the songs is by the Jerry Cans, a band from Iqaluit, Nunavut. Called “Northern Lights," the song combines upbeat folk and rock music with traditional throat singing. Check it out.

Many music classes have shown a lot of interest in this song, and have signed up to learn it. In turn, many classes are asking questions about throat singing. We've heard from so many classes that we decided to Skype Jerry Cans throat singer Nancy Mike into the music class of Irwin Park Elementary in West Vancouver and film the whole thing to share with you. Here's a twist: Irwin Park just happens to be the old elementary school of Canadian Music Class Challenge host Grant Lawrence!

Watch to find out how the kids fared during Mike's throat singing workshop.

Special thanks to Nancy Mike from the Jerry Cans for teaching us how to throat sing — we can't wait to see your entries for "Northern Lights"! And another special thanks to Mr. Santos, Miss Hill, and everyone at Irwin Park Elementary for making this video possible for CBC Music and MusiCounts.

There’s still time to enter the Canadian Music Class Challenge for 2017. You can do so here.

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