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The story behind Meaghan Smith's holiday classic 'It Snowed'

Caroline Szwed

Each year, CBC Music in association with MusiCounts — the charity of the Juno Awards — launches a contest to engage music classes across the country with Canadian music. It’s called the Canadian Music Class Challenge. You can sign up for the 2017 Challenge now.

"First of all, any teacher who picks this song should get 10 points because it’s about skipping class," singer Meaghan Smith said over the phone from her Nova Scotia home.

The singer-songwriter was referencing her song "It Snowed," which is one of the 17 songs that classes can use to sign up for this year's Canadian Music Class Challenge.

“I really do love the feeling of snow, the look of snow, it really is beautiful and I love when everything gets cancelled because of snow.”

After winning a 2011 Juno Award for best new artist, Smith released It Snowed, her holiday album. The title track has an especially unique sound to it.

"I found this old Mellotron sample machine and the entire song, even though it sounds like something from the '40s and '50s, is a Mellotron sample. There's some live guitar but the rest of it is from a computer," Smith said. "It sounds really old but it was made in a really modern way on my laptop in Los Angeles."

In association with MusiCounts, CBC Music is challenging students to learn Smith's festive single. (There are also 16 other songs to choose from — get the full list here.) Find out more about the 2017 Canadian Music Class Challenge here.

If you sign up to learn Smith's song, the singer may visit your class. Learn more here.

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