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Maylee Todd, Twist, The Pack A.D.: Radio 3's top 30 songs for the week of Nov. 20, 2017

Editorial Staff

Toronto-based multi-disciplinary artist Maylee Todd released Acts of Love on Nov. 3, an album she wrote, performed, produced and recorded herself. The album's first single is the smooth, shimmering groove "Downtown" and it debuts at #27 on our chart this week.

Toronto artist Twist released an EP called Benefits a couple of months ago, and if you haven't had a chance to hear it yet, take a listen to "Freak." The enthralling, cinematic song is the highest debut on our top 30 this week at #19.

Other debuts include Daphni with "Carry On" at #29 and Quantum Tangle with "Freeze Melt Boil" at #24.

Vancouver rock duo the Pack A.D. released its latest effort Dollhouse in October, and the darkly anthemic title track climbs to the top of the chart.

Here's the full rundown of our top 30 songs:

30. Peach Pyramid, “Repeating Myself”
29. Daphni, “Carry On”
28. Paupiere, “Defunte Lune De Miel”
27. Maylee Todd, “Downtown”
26. Hey Ocean!, “Amsterdam”
25. Jordan Klassen, “Yer Cure”
24. Quantum Tangle, “Freeze Melt Boil”
23. Royal Canoe + Little Scream, “Painted For Us”
22. Arcade Fire, “Put Your Money On Me”
21. Liam Corcoran, “Out Of This World 2”
20. Dizzy, “Stars & Moons”
19. Twist, “Freak” *highest debut*
18. Chad VanGaalen, “Mind Hijacker’s Curse”
17. Caveboy, “Raconteur”
16. Metz, “Drained Lake”
15. Scenic Route To Alaska, “Slow Down”
14. Fake Palms, “I’m Not There”
13. Bonjay, “Ingenue”
12. Common Deer, “Wonder”
11. Belle Game, “High”
10. Death From Above, “Holy Books”
9. Peach Pit, “Being So Normal”
8. Iskwe, “Soldier”
7. Wolf Parade, “You’re Dreaming”
6. Barr Brothers, “It Came To Me”
5. Laura Sauvage, “Everything Is In Everything”
4. Cold Specks, “Solid”
3. U.S. Girls, “Mad As Hell”
2. Nick Ferrio, “Soothsayer”
1. The Pack A.D., “Dollhouse”