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Weaves, Born Ruffians, U.S. Girls: Radio 3's top 30 songs for the week of Nov. 27, 2017

Editorial Staff

When Weaves released its sophomore album Wide Open last October, lead singer Jasmyn Burke cited Bruce Springsteen as an influence on her songwriting. You can definitely hear shades of The Boss on the album's first single "Walkaway," which debuts on our chart at #28 this week.

Is it too early to be excited about 2018 releases? Toronto indie rock band Born Ruffians is set to release Uncle, Duke & The Chief on Feb. 16. They've released two songs from the album so far, and the latest one, "Love Too Soon," is the highest debut at #18.

Other debuts include "Tenderness" from Blue Hawaii, "Bad Luck" from Rural Alberta Advantage and "Tinseltown Swimming In Blood" from Destroyer.

U.S. Girls has crafted the perfect disco-pop protest tune for 2017 with "Mad As Hell," and it climbs all the to #1 on our chart. Watch the video for the song below, and try to resist the urge to get up and dance.

Here's the full rundown of our top 30 this week:

30. Blue Hawaii, “Tenderness”
29. Fake Palms, “I’m Not There”
28. Weaves, “Walkaway”
27. Death From Above, “Holy Books”
26. Rural Alberta Advantage, “Bad Luck”
25. Daphni, “Carry On”
24. Barr Brothers, “It Came To Me”
23. Alvvays, “Saved By A Waif”
22. Maylee Todd, “Downtown”
21. Destroyer, “Tinseltown Swimming In Blood”
20. Laura Sauvage, “Everything Is In Everything”
19. Hey Ocean!, “Amsterdam”
18. Born Ruffians, “Love Too Soon” *highest debut*
17. Quantum Tangle, “Freeze Melt Boil”
16. Cold Specks, “Solid”
15. Dizzy, “Stars & Moons”
14. Arcade Fire, “Put Your Money On Me”
13. Twist, “Freak”
12. Metz, “Drained Lake”
11. Caveboy, “Raconteur”
10. Nick Ferrio, “Soothsayer”
9. Bonjay, “Ingenue”
8. Scenic Route To Alaska, “Slow Down”
7. The Pack A.D., “Dollhouse”
6. Common Deer, “Wonder”
5. Belle Game, “High”
4. Iskwe, “Soldier”
3. Peach Pit, “Being So Normal”
2. Wolf Parade, “You’re Dreaming”
1. U.S. Girls, “Mad As Hell”