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The Deep Dark Woods, Milk & Bone, Destroyer: Radio 3's top 30 songs for the week of Dec. 25, 2017

Editorial Staff

The Deep Dark Woods released its latest album Yarrow in October, and the spooky, off-kilter folk-rock single "Fallen Leaves" breaks on to the top 30 this week at #25.

Monteal electro-pop duo Milk & Bone will release its highly anticipated new album Deception Bay on Feb. 2 via Bonsound. The title track from the album was released last month and is the highest debut on our chart at #21.

Other debuts this week include "Deux Coeurs (ft. Halo Maud)" from Corridor, "Run From The Dark" from Wilderness of Manitoba, and "Maybe Someday" from Barr Brothers.

Destroyer moves up three spots to claim the top position with the smooth grooving single "Tinseltown Swimming in Blood" off the album ken. The beautifully shot video for the song is a frame-by-frame homage to French filmmaker Chris Marker's sci-fi classic La Jetée. It was directed by Karen Zolo (a.k.a. KC) and constructed entirely out of black and white photographs.

See the full rundown of our top 30 this week:

30. Maylee Todd, “Downtown”
29. Corridor, “Deux Coeurs (ft. Halo Maud)”
28. Scenic Route To Alaska, “Slow Down”
27. Wilderness Of Manitoba, “Run From The Dark”
26. The Wet Secrets, “Give It To Me Straight”
25. Deep Dark Woods, “Fallen Leaves”
24. Quantum Tangle, “Freeze Melt Boil”
23. Barr Brothers, “Maybe Someday”
22. Woolworm, “Judgement Day”
21. Milk & Bone, “Deception Bay” *highest debut*
20. Hey Ocean!, “Amsterdam”
19. Grounders, “Bringin’ It In”
18. Fanny Bloom, “Petit Bois”
17. Born Ruffians, “Love Too Soon”
16. Whitney Rose, “Better To My Baby”
15. Young Galaxy, “Elusive Dream”
14. Patrick Watson, “Broken”
13. SC Mira, “Breaking My Skin”
12. Grand Analog, “Mutations”
11. Dear Rouge, “Boys & Blondes”
10. Twist, “Freak”
9. Blue Hawaii, “Tenderness”
8. Daphni, “Carry On”
7. Weaves, “Walkaway”
6. Ought, “These Three Things”
5. Arcade Fire, “Put Your Money On Me”
4. Rural Alberta Advantage, “Bad Luck”
3. Gord Downie, “Love Over Money”
2. Alvvays, “Saved By A Waif”
1. Destroyer, “Tinseltown Swimming In Blood”