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CBC Radio 3's top 103 Canadian indie songs of 2017

Editorial Staff

IIt's never easy for our music programmers to sort through all the great music we've heard over the year and put it in some kind of order, and this year was no exception.

From Cadence Weapon to Feist to Arcade Fire, some of our longtime favourite Canadian artists put out new music in 2017, and they were joined on the scene by exciting newcomers like Sc Mira, Mise En Scene and Iskwé. Bands like Alvvays, Weaves, and the Courtneys all returned with stellar sophomore efforts. The legendary Wolf Parade returned from a seven year hiatus. Gord Downie gifted us with his final masterpiece. We could go on, but suffice to say, it was an amazing year for Canadian indie music.

Take a look at our picks for the top 103 songs of 2017 and let us know what you think @cbcradio3.

103. Jordan Klassen, “Yer Cure”
102. Fleece, “What You’ve Done”
101. Calvin Love, “Warm Blindness & A Cool Breeze”
100. Walrus, “In Timely Fashion”

99. You’ll Never Get To Heaven, “Images”
98. American Lips, “Beyond The 7-11”
97. Paupiere, “Defunte Lune De Miel”
96. Rococode, “Brutal”
95. Souljazz Orchestra, “Lufunki”
94. Moon King, “In And Out”
93. Sc Mira, “Mexico”

92. Ought, “These Three Things”
91. Wilsen, “Garden”
90. Dear Rouge, “Boys & Blondes”
89. The Wet Secrets, “Give It To Me Straight”
88. Grounders, “Bringin’ It In”
87. Bernice, “Don’t Wanna Be European”

86. Hollerado, “Born Yesterday”
85. Das Mortal, “Rendez-vous”
84. Grand Analog, “Mutations”
83. Born Ruffians, “Love Too Soon”

82. Lou Canon, “Steady Flow”
81. Sleepless Nights, “Crystal Mountains”
80. Mozart’s Sister, “Plastic Memories”
79. The Elwins, “Hey! Ya You”
78. Besnard Lakes, “Laura Lee”
77. Fanny Bloom, “Petit Bois”
76. Laura Sauvage, “Everything Is In Everything”
75. Bonjay, “Ingenue”

74. Cadence Weapon, “Don’t Talk To Me”
73. Beta Frontiers, “If I Stayed”
72. Amelia Curran, “Gravity”
71. Woolworm, “Judgement Day”
70. Oh Susanna, “Tickets On The Weekend”

69. Close Talker, “Okay Hollywood”
68. Aron D’Alesio, “Diamond Ring”
67. Blood And Glass, “Hop That Fence”
66. The Deep Dark Woods, “Fallen Leaves”
65. Said The Whale, “I Will Follow You”

64. Adaline, “How Could We Know”
63. She-Devils, “Hey Boy”
62. Dizzy, “Stars & Moons”
61. Quantum Tangle, “Freeze Melt Boil”

60 - Geoffroy, “Sleeping On My Own”
59 - Fake Palms, “I’m Not There”
58 - Young Galaxy, “Stay For Real”
57 - Del Bel, “Do What The Bass Says”
56 - Sam Patch, “Listening”
55 - Scenic Route To Alaska, “Slow Down”

54 - Homeshake, “Every Single Thing”
53 - The Wooden Sky, “Swimming In Strange Waters”
52 - Mise En Scene, “Young Leo”
51 - Beliefs, “1994”
50 - Lydia Ainsworth, “Into The Blue”

49 - The Matinee, “Figure It Out”
48 - Hey Ocean!, “Sleepwalker”
47 - Mo Kenney, “Unglued”
46 - The Luyas, “No Domination”
45 - Rural Alberta Advantage, “Bad Luck”

44 - Century Palm, “Reset Reaction”
43 - Belle Game, “Spirit”

42 - Milk & Bone, “Daydream”
41 - Faith Healer, “Light Of Living”
40 - The Wilderness Of Manitoba, “Run From The Dark”
39 - Odd Years, “Troubadour”
38 - Metz, “Cellophane”

37 - Whitehorse, “Boys Like You”
36 - Timber Timbre, “Velvet Gloves & Spit”
35 - Jacques Greene, “Real Time”
34 - The Pack A.D., “Dollhouse”
33 - Julien Sagot, “Ombres Portees”
32 - Twist, “Freak”

31 - Daniel Romano, “When I Learned Your Name”
30 - Louise Burns, “Young Mopes”
29 - Holy F*ck, “Bird Brains”
28 - Feist, “Pleasure”
27 - Tops, “Dayglo Bimbo”
26 - Land Of Talk, “This Time”

25. Stars, “We Called It Love”
24. Blue Hawaii, “No One Like You”
23. The Dears, “Of Fisticuffs”
22. Mac DeMarco, “Baby You’re Out”
21. Peach Pit, “Being So Normal”

20. Death From Above, “Freeze Me”
19. Royal Canoe + Little Scream, “Painted For Us”
18. Common Deer, “Feather And Bone”
17. Broken Social Scene, “Halfway Home”
16. Peter Peter, “Damien”
15. Chad VanGaalen, “Mind Hijacker’s Curse”

14. Barr Brothers, “Maybe Someday”
13. New Pornographers, “High Ticket Attractions”
12. Partner, “Everybody Knows”

11. Wolf Parade, “You’re Dreaming”
10. Iskwe, “Soldier”

9. The Courtneys, “Virgo”
8. U.S. Girls, “Mad As Hell”

7. Japandroids, “No Known Drink Or Drug”
6. Cold Specks, “Solid”
5. Weaves, “Walkaway”

4. Destroyer, “Tinseltown Swimming In Blood”

3. Arcade Fire, “Signs Of Life”

2. Gord Downie, “Love Over Money”

1. Alvvays, “Dreams Tonite”