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Caveboy, Dizzy, Patrick Watson: Radio 3's top 30 songs for the week of January 15, 2018

Editorial Staff

Montreal trio Caveboy edge on the chart this week at #30 with the very catchy, '80s-influenced single "New Touch." Watch the lyric video for the song below and try not to get into the groove.

Dizzy recently put out its debut single "Swim," and the dream-pop song is the highest debut on our chart at #26. All the members of the band hail from Oshawa, Ont., and vocalist Katie Munshaw recently talked to DIY magazine about growing up in the suburbs and the influence it's had on their music. "Oshawa introduced me to friendship and heartache and change, while keeping me bored enough to sit at home and write about it,"

Mnisota also debuts on the chart with "Sound That Nothing Made."

Patrick Watson is set to release a much-anticipated new album this year. Last November he gave fans an early holiday treat by putting out a preview of what he's working on in the form of the song "Broken." It climbs to #1 on the chart this week.

Here is the full rundown of our top 30 songs:

30. Caveboy, “New Touch”
29. SC Mira, “Breaking My Skin”
28. Mnisota, “Sound That Nothing Made”
27. Rural Alberta Advantage, “Bad Luck”
26. Dizzy, “Swim” *highest debut*
25. Young Galaxy, “Elusive Dream”
24. Darlene Shrugg, “Strawberry Milk”
23. Dear Rouge, “Boys & Blondes”
22. Digits, “The Day You Fight Back”
21. Zaki Ibrahim, “Cold Feet”
20. Grand Analog, “Mutations”
19. Girlfriend Material, “Peace Sign”
18. Peach Pit, “Drop The Guillotine”
17. Wolf Parade, “Artificial Life”
16. Corridor, “Deux Coeurs (ft. Halo Maud)”
15. Pony, “I Don’t Know”
14. Gord Downie, “Love Over Money”
13. Common Deer, “Mistakes”
12. Wilderness Of Manitoba, “Run From The Dark”
11. U.S. Girls, “Velvet For Sale”
10. The Wet Secrets, “Give It To Me Straight”
9. Deep Dark Woods, “Fallen Leaves”
8. Blue Hawaii, “Tenderness”
7. Barr Brothers, “Maybe Someday”
6. Woolworm, “Judgement Day”
5. Grounders, “Bringin’ It In”
4. Ought, “These Three Things”
3. Milk & Bone, “Deception Bay”
2. Fanny Bloom, “Petit Bois”
1. Patrick Watson, “Broken”