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Kick-start your day with these energizing R&B songs

Amanda Parris
Listen to Marvin's Room, Jan 19th 2018

Marvin's Room with Amanda Parris on CBC Radio


It can be challenging getting out of bed each morning. Putting on three layers to face the winter cold doesn't help. Reading consistently negative news headlines is not particularly motivating.

But if you play the right song at the right time, it can provide a does of adrenaline to get you ready to start your day. Below are three R&B songs to add to your morning motivation playlist.

Earth, Wind & Fire, 'Shining Star'

There are few R&B groups that exude quite as much joy as Earth, Wind and Fire, and this song was an anthem of positivity.

Bill Withers, 'Lovely Day'

It's virtually impossible to listen to this song and not feel a surge of hope. Also, Bill Withers holds the last note for a mind-blowing 18 seconds. If he's that determined to have a "Lovely Day," you really have no excuse.

James Brown, 'I Got You (I Feel Good)'

If James Brown's iconic scream doesn't get you out of bed, I don't know what will. I recommend following it up with an attempt at imitating his foot shuffle. Even if you don't do it exactly like the godfather of soul, just the attempt will inevitably leave you feeling good.

Marvin's Room Playlist for Jan. 19, 2018

  1. Earth, Wind & Fire, “Shining Star”
  2. Solange, “Junie”
  3. SZA feat. Calvin Harris, “The Weekend (Funk Wave Remix)"
  4. ToBi, “Hidden Fences (demo)"
  5. Bill Withers, “Use Me”
  6. Boyz II Men, “I’ll Make Love to You”
  7. Beyonce, “1+1”
  8. Russ, “Losin’ Control”
  9. Savannah Re, “Impressed”
  10. Lou Val feat. Johnny Yukon, “Use Me”
  11. Hannah Williams and the Affirmations, “Late Nights & Heartbreak”
  12. River Tiber, “Patience”
  13. Maylee Todd, “Poetry of Intuition”